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About Linda's Gourmet Cookie Gifts and Trays

Linda's Gourmet Cookies began with me baking cookies for our annual Christmas party. The party started as a party for our single friends who had nowhere to go for the holidays. To make it special I decided to bake some cookies for cookie gifts for them. However, I didn't want to make the usual standard fare of chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies that everyone bakes. And so began my quest for truly unique cookies.

I would begin testing and baking cookies in the fall so that by the time of the holiday party I would be able to present a small collection of exceptional homemade cookies, from only the freshest ingredients. As time went by I developed a trademark set of cookies that I would present at each holiday party and give out as special holiday gifts . It is these proprietary recipes and fresh ingredients that formed the heart of Linda's Gourmet Cookies.

Over the years, my son Peter was born and began school and the Christmas party migrated into a holiday party for his friends and their parents. My cookie gifts continued to grow in popularity. Recipients requested cookies to give as cookie gifts to their friends, family and business associates. So, I decided to make these unique cookie gifts available year round to the public as premium gifts supplied only in the limited quantities I could produce. And thus began Linda's Gourmet Cookies.

We made several varieties of cookie gifts that came in both single cookie and multiple cookie gift selections. The cookies in these selections were for personal enjoyment, for individual and corporate gifts, and on cookie trays for parties and meetings.

But, life and circumstances change. After 10 years of great success and acclaim for Linda's Gourmet Cookies 2014 brought me a 'milestone' birthday and two near death experiences. The first was a high speed, head on crash when an oncoming car turned left in front of my path. The second came after a long deliberated ankle surgery resulted in pulmonary embolisms and a serious infection. These reminded me of my mortality and the always present list of 'things I always wanted to do'. Therefore, we have decided to move on from 'the cookie business' and make sure all those things we wanted to do get done. You have made our experience the best it could possibly have been. We can't say how very much we appreciate you. We wish you much joy and happiness and hope that you too are able to do everything you've always wanted to do in your life.

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