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About Linda's Gourmet Cookie Gifts and Trays

Linda's Gourmet Cookies began with me baking cookies for our annual Christmas party. The party started as a party for our single friends who had nowhere to go for the holidays. To make it special I decided to bake some homemade cookies for cookie gifts for them. However, I didn't want to make the usual standard fare of chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies that everyone bakes. And so began my quest for truly unique gourmet cookie gifts.

I would begin testing and baking cookies in the fall so that by the time of the holiday party I would be able to present a small collection of exceptional gourmet cookies, homemade, from only the freshest ingredients. As time went by I developed a trademark set of cookies that I would present at each holiday party and give out as special holiday cookie gifts . It is these proprietary recipes and fresh ingredients that today form the heart of Linda's Gourmet Cookies and the cookie gifts we offer.

Over the years, my son Peter was born and began school and the Christmas party migrated into a holiday party for his friends and their parents. My cookie gifts continued to grow in popularity. Recipients requested cookies to give as cookie gifts to their friends, family and business associates. So, I decided to make these unique cookie gifts available year round to the public as premium gifts supplied only in the limited quantities I could produce. And thus began Linda's Gourmet Cookies.

Today I make several varieties of cookie gifts that come in both single cookie and multiple cookie gift selections. The cookies in these selections come for personal enjoyment, for individual and corporate cookie gifts, and on cookie trays for parties and meetings. I will also make personalized cookie selections to meet your needs.

These are delicious cookies made with only the finest ingredients for that person who deserves an exceptional gift! These luscious gourmet cookie gifts will delight you, your friends, your family, and your business associates. The tried and true recipes have received rave reviews. The gourmet cookies that make up these gifts will melt in your mouth, and each delectable cookie will make it tough to stop.

After years of testing, my gourmet cookie gift selection now contains a cookie for every taste. If you love nuts, the Pecan Crisps are slightly crunchy, slightly chewy. For that creamy cookie, try the Gooey Butter Squares, and the perfect chocolate chip cookie is our own ToDieFor Bar, 3 types of chocolate and two types of nuts.

My Christmas party has now become a 15-year tradition and when you eat a Linda's Gourmet Cookie you will have a unique treat and will be participating in that tradition.

I look forward to having you taste my special cookies and seeing your enjoyment at these wonderful delights.


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Pecan Crisps
Pecan Crisps
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